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Hello World!

Hello! Thank you for visiting my page! I hope that you enjoy what you see! I have been photographing real estate since 2013. My father has been a photographer my whole life and started CurbViews Real Estate Photography in 2013 and has since taught me everything I know about real estate photography. I live and work in San Antonio, Texas and also take bookings in San Marcos, Kyle, Buda and Austin. I mainly photograph residential propertiy but have dabbled in commercial work, hotels, and apartments here and there. This is my full time job and I love it.

People always tell me that my job seems like so much fun and then ask me what the best part about it is. I always tell them that the best part is the variety. Every home is different and every homeowner's story is unique. I meet so many interesting people, newlyweds, active military members, families, elderly couples, single professionals, and many others. I photograph beautiful luxurious homes. humble and quaint homes, brand new homes, minimalist and modern homes, homes that need to be condemned and everything in between. There is always something interesting to see and a new story to hear. This job hardly ever bores me, keeps me guessing, drives me crazy here and there, and never fails to show me something new. Every once in a while I get to go adventuring. To get the perfect shots I have been kayaking, bushwhacking, trail walking, ladder climbing, 4 wheeling, and even swimming. How many other jobs allow you to do all that?! Not many that I know of!

In this blog I will share decorating tips, ways to prepare a home for photography, some of my favorite images, photography tips, and stories about my daily encounters. I will post videos of some of my daily struggles, pictures of design ideas that I love, home photography 101, tips and tricks, probably a picture or two of the pets I run into, and some of the awesome stories I get to hear,

Follow me and enjoy!

Thanks, Stephanie.


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