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CurbViews specializes in high quality real estate photography for real estate agents/brokers, home builders, architects, interior designers, developers and contractors. My name is Stephanie and I have been with CurbViews for 3 years. CurbViews is my family company. I started within the company when I took a break from my studies. Originally I was just helping the family out, but then I fell in love with real estate photography and now it is my full time job. I have trained 4 of our photographers and am our lead photographer.  Real estate photography always keeps me on my toes and just when I think I have seen it all it shows me something new, whether that be an amazing design idea, questionable construction, or wonderful new views. I never realized how much fun and adventure there was to be had in this profession. I will do just about anything to get the perfect shot whether it be taking the kayak out to get a waterfront view or laying on the floor balancing my tripod on the stairs to capture a wine cellar. I meet many wonderful people, homeowners with amazing stories, hardworking agents supporting their family, and talented contractors and design professionals to name a few. Let's get together and show off your home!

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